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The World Allstar Federation 2023 Championship Bids:

  • Full Paid Bids will be based on the total Registration to the event (a minimum of 40 teams must register & compete in order for a full paid bid to be awarded) 

  • See bid listing below for the number of At Large, Partial Paid, and Paid bids at each event.


IMPORTANT: 2022-2023 Gym/Program Attendance Criteria

Gyms and Programs attending ROC Spirit events must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a WASF World Championship Bid.

  • All Programs must attend with at least 4 competitive Allstar teams (may include Worlds teams).


  • Mileage Waiver: Programs located more than 400 miles from the event are not required to attend the event with additional competitive teams.

  • You do not have to be a member of a particular organization to attend ROC Spirit events. 

  • Your athlete doesn’t need to become an immediate member of WASF to attend any championship. 

  • At whatever point your team receives a bid to the WASF World Championship or you decide to attend, you’ll need to secure membership at that point with the WASF. 


**Please note:  WASF eligible bid divisions will incur an additional $10 per athlete added to the regular athlete registration fee.**


The above information is to be used as a reference only and is subject to change and adjustments may be made to this declaration. We are determined to do our best to provide the bids as planned.


For more information on the benefits and how to join WASF click the link below:

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