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General Competition Information


Performance floor is 54' x 42'. There will be at least 1 full 54' x 42' full cheer floor during warm ups.

  • ONLY coaches and athletes are allowed in the warm up area

  • Teams are expected to report to warm ups 15 minutes prior to their warm up time


  • Performance order will be based on registration date. Teams will perform in reverse order of their registration.


  • Coaches should bring 2 high-quality copies of your music (phone, MP3, iPad, etc.)

  • One representative from your team will be responsible for playing the music during the routine. This person must stay at the sound area throughout the entire routine. In the event that the routine is delayed due to the responsible party’s error, the timing of your routine will continue and penalties will be in place.


  • Complete score sheets will be available at a designated area at the end of the award ceremony AND via email

  • Difficulty scores and deductions will be available 15 minutes after a team performs. 


ROC Spirit will not provide safety spotters during performances as we feel that the skills being performed are difficult to spot without knowing exactly what skill is going to be executed. We encouraged teams to have safety spotters during their routine, but it is the discretion of the organization’s coaches or directors whether or not they feel it is necessary. In order to have safety spotters the following must apply:

  • Must be 18+ years

  • Must be affiliated with the organization/team

  • Must be attired differently than the team performing

  • Must follow all appropriate safety guidelines.

  • No verbal coaching during the routine

  • Spotters are there to catch any falls but are NOT there to assist in a stunt.

Any of the above rules that are not adhered to will result in a 5 point deduction per infraction per routine.

A max. of 4 safety spotters are allowed per team.


ROC Spirit, LLC enforces the following code of conduct during all events, to ensure that all athletes, coaches and spectators have a positive experience.

  • Any unruly behavior by the coaches, athletes or spectators will result in removal from the event with no refunds

  • Any questions or concerns relating to a team’s performance must be expressed by one coach to the competition director

  • There will be no contact with the judges from any coach, athlete or spectator during the competition

  • All teams, coaches and spectators are expected to represent themselves and their community in a positive way

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